• Original title: Rekvijem za gospođu J.
  • Type: feature film
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: drama, dark comedy
  • Country: Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, France
  • Language: Serbian
  • Length: 94 min
  • Format: DCP, Blue Ray
  • Directed by: Bojan Vuletić
Mrs. J, a former administrative clerk, decides to complete all her chores: wash a sink full of dishes, go to the store, and dig up an old family pistol. Her late husband's pistol. She is determined to kill herself with that gun on the anniversary of her husband's death. In a week’s time. She is prepared to finish all private and administrative works so that she may commit suicide in the way she wants. But to start doing all that she needs just one thing - a certificate about her employment over the past 20 years. In a country which is going through social transition, this will be highly complicated. Because living in transition is complicated. And to die is even more complicated.
  • Screenplay: Bojan Vuletić
  • Director of photography: Jelena Stanković
  • Production design: Zorana Petrov
  • Edited by: Vladimir Pavlovski
  • Costume designer: Lana Pavlović
  • Make-up artist: Jasmina Mina Lilić
  • Sound designer: Boris Trayanov
  • Cast: Mirjana Karanović, Jovana Gavrilović, Danica Nedeljković, Mira Banjac, Vučić Perović, Valčo Karamasev
  • Production company: SEE Film Pro (Serbia) with Geopoly film (Bulgaria) and Skopje Film Studio (Macedonia)
  • Producers: Nenad Dukić (SEE FILM PRO, Serbia) with Pavlina Jeleva (Geopoly Film, Bulgaria) and Tomi Salkovski (Skopje Film Studio, Macedonia)
  • Co-production: Alexander Rodnyanski (Russia), Surprise Alley (France)
  • Co-producers: Alexander Rodnyanski (Russia), Alice Ormières (France)
  • Executive producer: Miroslav Mogorović
  • Line producer: Stefan Mladenović
film REQUIEM FOR MRS. J. (Rekvijem za gospođu J.)
film REQUIEM FOR MRS. J. (Rekvijem za gospođu J.)
film REQUIEM FOR MRS. J. (Rekvijem za gospođu J.)
film REQUIEM FOR MRS. J. (Rekvijem za gospođu J.)
film REQUIEM FOR MRS. J. (Rekvijem za gospođu J.)
film REQUIEM FOR MRS. J. (Rekvijem za gospođu J.)
film REQUIEM FOR MRS. J. (Rekvijem za gospođu J.)
film REQUIEM FOR MRS. J. (Rekvijem za gospođu J.)

12 awards


42 Festivals


  • FEST Belgrade International Film Festival Belgrade Serbia - 2017 national selection
  • Berlin International Film Festival Berlin Germany - 2017 Panorama Special
  • SOFIA International Film Festival Sofia Bulgaria - 2017 Competition
  • Kino pavasaris Vilnius IFF Vinius Lithuania - 2017 Competition
  • Lucca IFF Lucca Italy - 2017 Competition
  • goEast Film Festival Wiesbaden German - 2017 Competition
  • Espoo Cine Film Festival Espoo Finland - 2017
  • Transilvania International Film Festival Cluj Romania - 2017 Supernova
  • Moscow IFF Moscow Russian Federation - 2017
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Karlovy Vary Czech Republic - 2017 Another View
  • Sopot Film Festival Sopot Serbia - 2017 Competition
  • Golden Apricot International Film Festival Yerevan Armenia - 2017 Competition
  • Odesa International Film Festival Odessa Ukraine - 2017 Competition
  • Funf Seen Film Festival Starnberg Germany - 2017
  • Herceg Novi Montenegro International Film Festival Herceg Novi Montenegro - 2017
  • T-Mobile New Horizons FF Wroclaw Poland - 2017 Discoveries (Panorama)
  • Vrnjacka Banja / Film Screenplay Festival Vrnjacka Banja Serbia - 2017 Competition
  • Sarajevo Film Festival Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2017 In Focus
  • Pristina IFF Pristina UNMI Kosovo* - 2017 Competition
  • Palic European Film Festival Palic Serbia - 2017 Competition
  • Der Neue Heimattfilm Freistadt Austria - 2017 Competition
  • Nis Film Festival Nis Serbia - 2017 Competition
  • Sakhalin Film Festival Sakhalin Russia - 2017 Special Program
  • Vukovar FF Vukovar Croatia - 2017 competition
  • Otranto Film Fund Festival Otranto Italy - 2017 Competition
  • 10th Leskovac IFF Leskovac Serbia - 2017 Competition
  • Central and Eastern European Film Festival Luxembourg Luxembourg - 2017
  • Copenhagen IFF Copenhagen Denmark - 2017
  • Al Este Del Plata Buenos Aires Argentina - 2017 Competition
  • International Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier Montpellier France - 2017
  • Seville European Film Festival Seville Spain - 2017 The New Waves
  • Arras Film Festival Arras France - 2017 East Visions
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival Thessaloniki Greece - 2017
  • Bratislava Film Festival Bratislava Slovakia - 2017 Cinema Now, Opening and Closing Film
  • Ljubljana International Film Festival Ljubljana Slovenia - 2017 Perspectives
  • Mostar International Film Festival Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2017
  • International Film Festival of India, Goa Goa India - 2017 Cinema of the World
  • Cairo International Film Festival Cairo Egypt - 2017 Festival of Festivals
  • Seoul Independent Film Festival Seoul South Korea - 2017
  • Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen de Bruxelles Bruxelles Belgium - 2017
  • Tbilisi International Film Festival Tbilisi Georgia - 2017 Forum of European Cinema
  • Pune International Film Festival Pune India - 2017