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Finest "Cinematographic Cuisine"


       SOUL FOOD is a international sales and distribution company established in 2010 with the main intention to present, promote and widely distribute films and film talents coming from the region of South-East Europe, which bare grate potential, but buy far did not get a chance on the film market, by side with owners of MCF MegaCom Film as one of the leading distribution company and side of Art & Popcorn as one of the leading production company in territory of Former YU, whose partnership lead to the establishment of SOUL FOOD. We see our biggest asset in the fact that we are the only international sales company in the region focused and specialized in films originating from South-East Europe, which by now is also recognized by the majority of the regional, European and global film industry representatives. We started positioning our selves on the market with a well selected catalogue of new and old titles from the region, but our unexpected success, growth and development led us to a new approach, namely we tend to get involved also in projects in their early stage of development as sales agents, developing sales and market positioning strategies from the very beginning, as well as co-producers if we decide it would be necessary for specific cases.

      Besides recording major success on various regional and global film markets, like the EFM, Marche du Film and CineLink, SOUL FOOD is very proud to announce that we became a member of EUROPA INTERNATIONAL during the Marche du Film 2011 in Cannes, France. Europa International is the new European organization for international distributors. The idea was to have a new face for this profession, which represents an essential segment of the European audiovisual sector. Europa International is composed of European international distributors, representative in terms of nationality and type of structure. It is an added value for international distributors, to have a main spokesman for national and European authorities.

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